waiting at a laundromat

Is the process of charging your car comparable to doing your laundry? Absolutely!

The convenience of charging your car or doing your laundry goes hand in hand with the ownership of the hardware. From being a customer at a laundromat around the corner to sharing a community washing machine in your apartment complex or enjoying the luxury of having your washing machine in your home, the machine is always preferred.

Being forced to use public laundry facilities come with loads (excuse the pun) of pain points:

  • Scheduling your day around opening hours
  • Taking extra time to get there
  • Waiting in line
  • Digging for coins
  • Wracking your brain about the most efficient activity to do while waiting to be done

Public and community car chargers, exactly the same story...

  • Looking up opening hours of public charging
  • Taking extra time to get there
  • Queuing in line
  • Taking a glut of access cards with you to make sure you’re covered by at least one provider
  • Killing hours while your car is charging

In fact public charging is incredibly similar to using the laundromat. You drive to the charging station, oftentimes there is no spot available, you need several access cards for different providers and on top of that you hope there is something around to keep you entertained.

The next comparable situation is a shared washing machine in an apartment complex. Much like having a shared charging station at an apartment complex, you will see some pains become obsolete. You’ll at least know where the charger is so you won’t need to drive around looking for one, however ’waiting in line’ is usually unavoidable. Parking spots are limited and coordination with other EV owners is needed, which leads to scheduling your day around your charging time spot.

Everyone who has experienced the convenience of owning a washing machine cannot imagine living without one. Spontaneous usage and availability is never a problem and you’ll usually never have to wait. Dedicated car chargers in your parking spot are exactly the same as a washing machines in your home. Your car charging ”pains” will be limited to plugging in your car and the coordination effort around charging times with your neighbors isn’t a concern at all.

With in-home charging much like in-unit washing machines you'll get the most of your valuable time and ensure it is not wasted with the hassles of sharing.