Last month we introduced our newest charging solution, Wattson, to the world. When we created it, we wanted to make the most dynamic charger in the world: something that can charge or power just about anything.

Trickle charging? Not a problem!

Golf carts? Yup!

e-Bikes? Sure thing!

Teslas? Of course!

You get the idea.

What we wanted to make was something that solves every charging need but gives flexibility to building owners and residents alike. With Wattson, we did just that. We can still charge 10 times more vehicles than anyone else, but now we can charge every kind of electric vehicle too. By integrating EverCharge’s SmartPower technology with Schneider Electric’s industry expertise, we made a charger that can not only charge anything but also saves owners thousands on install and infrastructure costs.

Beyond the obvious, we did this because we know how rare it is to find a 110v outlet in a garage let alone one in every spot. We know how hard it is to find a trickle charging solution for cars and motorcycles. Most of all, we know a lot of our customers don’t just own electric cars, but e-bikes, electric scooters, and even golf carts. The standard J1772 plug simply doesn’t cut it when you have all these different kinds of vehicles that require power just as much as an electric car.

While being dynamic is nice, this is also about further maximizing existing building infrastructure. We realize adding all of these new electric vehicles to a building that is under-prepared for them causes a lot of problems. The last thing the EV movement needs is to be wasting thousands on new electrical service they don't need. Utilizing our SmartPower technology this won’t happen, and better still every vehicle will still get a full charge. We’ve written at length on how this works so I won’t drone over it again, you can even see a list of some of our most successful properties .

Wattson is the evolution of our technology, and it’s why we partnered with Schneider Electric to bring it to the world. We wanted an industry leader like Schneider to help us not only make Wattson faster but also make it better. With over 100 years of electric industry expertise Schneider is the perfect fit, and by pairing Wattson with the EVlink we took a good idea and turned it into a game-changing one.

Electric vehicles still have a long way to go before they become the norm, but trust me that day is coming far sooner than you think. While most buildings aren’t ready for mainstream EV adoption just yet, Wattson will ensure they will be, and that’s exactly why we made it.