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Scalable, fully managed charging solutions for fleets

The perfect solution for EV charging at any location

EverCharge maximizes existing building infrastructure to make adding EVs to your workplace or fleet easy and affordable.

EverCharge facilitates 400% more stations per $1M

Save Money

Our charging solution drastically reduces install costs by intelligently managing power, allowing more charger installs for far less money. EverCharge eliminates the need for expensive infrastructure additions, keeping project costs at a minimum.

A garage with and without EverCharge

Scale as Needed

Using SmartPower Technology, EverCharge intelligently charges vehicles, optimizing existing building infrastructure to support more stations at any location.

Cars at different states of charge reach 100% throughout the day

Extensive Analytics

As an all-in-one solution, EverCharge allows for in-depth analysis on every charge station giving our clients unmatched data analytics to understand vehicle and user needs. Doing this means EverCharge can provide a tailored solution for any site.

150amp 'full' electrical panel with intermittent available capacity

Full building power management

Eliminates expensive load studies and because electrical panels are designed to support the peak anticipated load of the building, there is significant unutilized power when large appliances and other electrical loads are not in full use. Infrastructure may only reach peak utilization for a few minutes once a day, week or month. The rest of the time the full electrical capacity is simply unused. This also can be used to reduce demand charges while increased EV charging capacity.


Maximize Existing Infrastructure

Our SmartPower load management technology maximizes existing building infrastructure by intelligently allocating power where and when it's needed most

Lowers Install Costs

With SmartPower load management, expensive infrastructure additions are unnecessary

Where You Want It

EverCharge can install more EV connectors in any given location, so every vehicle can have dedicated charging

Corporate Campus

Without EverCharge the site had reached the maximum EV connector potential on existing infrastructure. Using EverCharge technology the corporate campus was able to leverage existing electrical capacity to support 300+ EV connectors and avoid the costly electrical upgrades

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EverCharge electricians are specialized in EV connector installations

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