Evercharge Hardware

EverCharge combines unmatched technology, industry leading expertise, and unparalleled cost savings for large scale dedicated ev charging.

EV Connector

  1. Level 2 charging
  2. Integrated load management
  3. Access control & Remote updates
  4. Designed for ease of install
  5. UL & cUL certified
  6. Integrated wireless mesh network
  7. J1772 or Tesla connector compatible
  8. Power monitoring with automated billing

Mesh Network

SmartPower is completely wireless and built directly into our hardware.
No need for cell repeaters, ethernet cables, gateways or control units.

  • Wireless mesh network, no cell repeaters required
  • All deployment components integrated into the EV connector
  • Optional access control with automated billing
  • Remote updates, diagnostics and reporting

Chargers communicate over proprietary wireless mesh network designed to work in harshest underground garage environments.


Maximize Existing Infrastructure

Our SmartPower load management technology maximizes existing building infrastructure by intelligently allocating power where and when it's needed most

Lowers Install Costs

With SmartPower load management, expensive infrastructure additions are unnecessary

Where You Want It

EverCharge can install more EV connectors in any given location, so every vehicle can have dedicated charging

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