Condos & Apartments

The only fully-managed EV charging solution designed for condo & apartment communities.

We handle everything


Our hardware is installed by certified electricians

On-Site Evaluation

Our preferred electricians conduct on-site evaluations

Building & HOA Approval

We work with management and customers to obtain approval

On-going Service and Support

EverCharge provides 24/7 service & support

Scalable, Dedicated Charging 

Designed for Multi-Family buildings we can avoid the pains of community and public charging by putting charging where you need it most. Leveraging our patented SmartPower technology, EverCharge supports more vehicles than a traditional charging solution by intelligently allocating power.

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By significantly reducing infrastructure costs we install dedicated charging and provide a scalable solution for any community.

200 Brannan

in San Francisco

Without EverCharge the building only had capacity to support 3 residents. With over 6 EV owners, SmartPower Technology makes it possible for more than ten residents to charge simultaneously making charging possible for years to come.

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The Potrero

in San Francisco

The Homeowners Association turned to EverCharge after traditional solutions didn’t fit the needs or budget of the community. EverCharge provided a scalable and affordable electric vehicle charging solution to residents of the property.

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Install Services

We Handle Everything

EverCharge electricians are specialized in EV connector installations

Let our team handle your installation from start to finish

How it Works

  1. Our charge stations connect to common area power
  2. Power is intelligently allocated to charge stations based on demand
  3. Usage monitoring by the charge station tracks electricity consumed
  4. Automated billing and building reimbursements are issued by EverCharge

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Future Ready


EverCharge saves properties thousands on install costs by maximizing the buildings current infrastructure

Increase Property Value

Adding electric vehicle stations adds value and desirability

Easily Scalable Technology

Our SmartPower technology can add more EV stations to any property

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