Maximizing building capacity to charge significantly more vehicles with less infrastructure

EverCharge’s proprietary SmartPower load management technology dynamically allocates available power, maximizing building capacity to charge significantly more vehicles before costly infrastructure upgrades are needed.

Limited power is the principal barrier in providing charging for multi-family garages.

Traditional charging options only support a small number of EV drivers. Costs to make additional power available for charging can become prohibitively expensive. SmartPower load management overcomes this inherent problem by intelligently managing available power to provide up to 10 times the number of chargers.

Equipped with EverCharge, buildings make dedicated EV charging possible with ability to scale as demand increases.

Dedicated Home Charging

Convenient dedicated home charging makes the whole EV experience work. Without it, the hunt for an unoccupied public charger becomes a constant activity. By efficiently managing electrical capacity, EverCharge makes dedicated home charging possible.

SmartPower in action. A vehicle with a nearly empty battery draws far more power than a vehicle with a half-full battery, and a vehicle with a full battery draws no power.

Dynamic Mesh Netork

SmartPower comes Equipped with a mesh network, to lower install cost and remove unnecessary hardware

Lower Installation Costs

EverCharge is designed for install and installed for scale. EverCharge designs infrastructure layouts to meet each of our customer’s needs while leveraging our technology. Traditional charging solutions require dedicated and metered runs from the main electrical panel. EverCharge uses technology embedded in our chargers to monitor electricity usage to manage customer billing and the building reimbursement without the need for meters or submeters.

SmartPower in Action

SmartPower load management provides efficient charging for all vehicles by leveraging the fact not all vehicles charge at the same moment in time and do not constantly require maximum draw during a charging cycle. SmartPower always works to get the most vehicles charged as quickly as possible, freeing up capacity. The best way to think about SmartPower is to visualize EverCharge as one charger with many outlets.

SmartPower: One charger with many outlets.

Extensive Analytics

Cars at different states of charge reach 100% throughout the day

As an all-in-one solution, EverCharge allows for in-depth analysis on every charge station giving our clients unmatched data analytics to understand vehicle and user needs. Doing this means EverCharge can provide a tailored solution for any site.

EverCharge provides on-going service to ensure charging performance and driver satisfaction.

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